• We value our seafarers
    And we look for long-term quality solutions which are beneficial for both parties.
    No compromise: WIN-WIN only
  • We’re open and honest
    For long-term cooperation, we need trust. That’s the bottom line.
  • We don’t say “That’s impossible”
    We accept the challenge. We develop. We solve the problem.
  • We recruit marine professionals
    We love our job. We aim to be the best.
  • We never stop
    We adapt over time.
    And we create new opportunities to implement your skills and experience.

"We don’t say “That’s impossible”. We accept the challenge. We develop. We solve the problem. "

Careers at sea

We work with all types of cargo ships with various tonnage capacities. We offer medium-term contracts of 4–6 months with a good salary and conditions.

Career offshore

The offshore fleet is a separate part of our business. We will tell you how to receive more training (if you need it) to be accepted to the offshore fleet. We will help you to establish a foothold or improve your skills within the fleet.

Careers on shore

Experience shows that oon-shore marine employment is becoming more and more in-demand and flexible.

  • Professionalism: our team has have more than 160 years of crewing experience
  • Care: we care about people
  • Mutual advantages: the win-win principle is everything for us
  • Convenience: no need to come to the office
  • To build a career
  • To gain the experience necessary for further development
  • To build long-term relationships with your employer and feel a sense of security
  • To provide a stable income
Fill in the application form and send it off
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Receive a job placement consultation
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Who We Are

IQrew management is a fledgling company. But we keep our eyes on the ball. For long time our team has been working among the most recognized leaders on the sea staff recruiting market – Baltic Group International. They say that in business, if you don’t evolve, you die. And we’ve evolved. Now we have the practical knowledge and wisdom accumulated through years of work, flexibility, responsiveness and openness to new things. It comes with being young.