The recruitment process:

Step 1. Fill in the form on our site, which registers you on our database.

Important: the more information you provide, the better options we are able to offer you.

Step 2. Upon receiving your application, we will contact you and schedule an test of spoken English.

We need to evaluate your level of English to understand what we can offer you. A good knowledge of English is an advantage when considering a candidate.

Step 3. We meet you at the office or talk to you via Skype (video-conference).

Step 4. After the interview, we will let you know what job opportunities there are for you, talking into account your specialisms and qualifications.

Our job is not just empty words! If we have nothing to offer, we will tell you straight.

Step 5.You will receive job alerts.

It’s important to provide truthful and up-to-date information about yourself. That way, your dream job won’t pass you by.

The form is adaptable, so you can always update it in your account. Please inform us about changes to your career, profession and other changes. Just update the information on the form once you have completed a project, finished a contract or received a certificate.

Step 6. Respond to the vacancy. We organize an interview with the employer and arrange the test procedures.

The further steps depend on the employer, but we will accompany you until you obtain some results. We don’t take any money from you for the job placement.