IQrew management is a fledgling company. But we keep our eyes on the ball. For long time our team has been working among the most recognized leaders on the sea staff recruiting market – Baltic Group International. They say that in business, if you don’t evolve, you die. And we’ve evolved.

Now we have the practical knowledge and wisdom accumulated through years of work, flexibility, responsiveness and openness to new things. It comes with being young.

We’ve changed. But our principles remained the same:

  • We aim for a long-term cooperation. We are proud of our clients which stay with us for a long time, as do our candidates with our clients.
  • We’re open and honest. For long-term cooperation, we must trust each other. No more options.
  • We appreciate our candidates. And we look for long-term quality solutions which are beneficial for both parties.
  • We don’t say “That’s impossible”. We accept the challenge. We develop. We solve the problem.

This is what we do. We love to run the business. We love our team and everything it does. Our principles allow us to work with the leaders in the marine industry, attract the best sea professionals and unite them for a beneficial cooperation.

Join us!