Work in the offshore fleet can be short-term (2 weeks) or long-term (2 months) contracts, all with high salaries. But offshore vessels make up no more than 3% of amounts of vessels across the world. They have a narrow specialization, which implies a higher responsibility. This is why it is complicated to be accepted on the offshore fleet. While working, you will incur a higher risk, while the consequences of lack of professionalism are severe. Consequently, ship owners wish to see qualified professionals with experience on the offshore ships:

  • FSO;
  • FPSO;
  • supply vessels;
  • AHTS;
  • Cable layers;
  • Pipe layers;
  • Research vessels.

The offshore fleet is a separate part of our business.

For the recruitment process, you’ll need:

  • the relevant sea documents, pursuant to the International STCW Convention (78/95);
  • DP certificate (for working on DP-system vessels);
  • knowledge of English;
  • work experience in an offshore fleet.